Randy Schoenauer, Plant Engineer

Meet Our Dedicated Team

At Horton Plaza in Medford, Oregon, we have assembled some of the best managers in the industry to make sure that you get superb quality care and attention that you deserve. We love what we do and take pride in making that felt in the way we deliver residential care services. 

The Reasons Why These Managers Love Working at Horton Plaza

Danielle Stovall, General Manager

“I started working at Horton Plaza in 2005, and the main reason why I love working here is because of the Residents, the staff, and the owners. The residents and staff have always been so welcoming, and we have a lot of fun. The owners and management genuinely care about the wishes and wants of the residents as well as the staff.  

I love the fact that we are locally owned and we support and get involved in our community. I love making our resident lives a little easier and enjoyable so that they can really live a carefree retirement lifestyle.”

- Danielle Stovall, General Manager

Danielle Stovall
Kristen Williams, Controller

“I started working at Horton Plaza a little over five years ago (2011) and ever since, I have felt like this was my second family. I have always enjoyed the fun and friendly environment here. 

Being able to meet and connect with all of the Residents and their family members is the best part about my job! I truly feel blessed to be a part of this wonderful community!”

- Kristen Williams, Controller

Kristen’s wacky pic
Char Ormonde, Community Relations Director

“My favorite part about working at Horton Plaza is making a difference in people’s lives which is my passion. I enjoy being the person that people can trust to help guide them to the right decision for themselves and their family. 

I like being able to create a positive “Yes We Can” attitude with the residents when it comes to their overall outlook on fitness, health, body, and soul.” 

- Char Ormonde, Community Relations Director

Char Ormonde with Randy Schoenauer
Connie Johnson, Personal Care Director

“Having been in this industry for many years and a large portion of that spent in long-term care facilities, I love the fact that here at Horton Plaza we are like home and family. There is no institutional feeling. We offer Resident-centered care to each Resident in our Personal Care family. Horton Plaza is a great place to be.”

- Connie Johnson, Personal Care Director

Connie Johnson
Laina Morris, Social Coordinator

“My favorite part of working at Horton Plaza is the Residents. It is such a good feeling to be able to make a difference in their quality of life. I love seeing a person do something they thought that they could not.” 

- Laina Morris, Social Coordinator

Laina Morris
Sarah Barber, Executive Chef

“When I started working here at Horton Plaza in 2005, I was immediately impressed by the friendliness of both the staff and the residents. There is a unique family environment that is cultivated through genuine care and compassion.  

I feel very fortunate to work for a company who is so dedicated to the well-being and happiness of so many wonderful people. I am truly blessed to be able to utilize my creative talents on a daily basis, and I have the fortune of working alongside so many dedicated people.”

- Sarah Barber, Executive Chef

Sarah’s solo pic
Natasha Lomas, Dining Room Manager

“My favorite part about working at Horton Plaza is having fun with the residents. I love all of the different personalities. I am also very lucky to have joined such as the wonderful team that has welcomed me like family.”

- Natasha Lomas, Dining Room Manager

Natasha Lomas, Dining Room Manager
Leilani DeCambra, Housekeeping Supervisor

“Having been here since May 1st, 1995, I enjoy my work, looking forward every day to my responsibilities at Horton Plaza. Most of all, I enjoy helping the Residents and being there for their needs whatever it may be. I treat the Residents like they are my parents.  

I am proud every day just walking into Horton Plaza and making the Residents lives happy and comfortable with their needs. At the end of the day I know that I’ve made someone happy living at Horton Plaza.”

- Leilani DeCambra, Housekeeping Supervisor

Leilani DeCambra solo pic
Randy Schoenauer, Plant Engineer

“I love working at Horton! I love helping people and making their lives better. Amazing staff! It’s a great feeling at the end of the day knowing that we all make a difference.”

- Randy Schoenauer, Plant Engineer

Randy Schoenauer

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